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Little Brown

Nina Bawden Collection - 3 Books

Nina Bawden Collection - 3 Books

ISBN/Barcode: 9780349010625
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Author: Nina Bawden

This collection of the best children's literature, will be coveted by children and adults alike. These are timeless tales with beautiful covers, that will be treasured and shared across the generations.

Titles in this collection :

Keeping Henry
Henry is only three inches long when naughty Charlie catapults him out of his nest - a poor baby red squirrel, all ragged and skinny. He is too young to survive being released into the wild, but can a squirrel be a pet?

Henry's new human family have also had to adapt to a different way of life. Evacuated from London during the Blitz, to a farm in Wales, they were upturned from their old life just as Henry was 'tipped out' of his nest.

Can this mischievous little creature, who makes nests out of their clothes and runs up the children like they are trees, help them to settle into their new life?

Carries war
Carrie and her little brother are evacuated to Wales and billeted at the home of the bullying Mr Evans and his timid sister Lou.

Unhappy at home, they love visiting fellow evacuee, Albert, at the farm of Druid's Bottom. Here they meet Hepzibah Green, who knows magical stories, and Mister Johnny, who speaks a language all his own.

But then things go wrong and Carrie takes things into her own hands - without guessing the awful consequences.

Peppermint pig
Johnnie was only the runt of the litter. He'd cost Mother a shilling, but somehow his naughtiness and cleverness kept Poll and her little brother Theo cheerful, even though it was one of the most difficult years of their lives.

Book dimension: 19.7 x 1.5 x 12.9 cm

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