HKDSE Chemistry 5-in-1 General Exercise Book (2nd Edition) (2023 Ed.)

HKDSE Chemistry 5-in-1 General Exercise Book (2nd Edition) (2023 Ed.) is specially designed for students sitting the HKDSE exam in 2023 and thereafter. The series covers the content of the ‘Chemistry Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6)’ updated in 2018. The whole set consists of 6 books, including Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Books 4&5, Book 6 and Book 8.

Author: Ms. L.H.M. Chung

The author of Jing Kung chemistry textbooks ‘New 21st Century Chemistry’, ‘Mastering Chemistry’ and ‘HKDSE Chemistry 5-in-1 General Exercise Book’ series. She has been writing the chemistry mock examination questions for Jing Kung for more than ten years. She is very familiar with the chemistry curriculum of high school and the HKDSE exam.

Key Features

‘5-in-1’ means this exercise book is composed of 5 parts: ‘Multiple-choice Questions’, ‘Practice Questions’, ‘General Exercise’, ‘Cross-topic Exercise’ and ‘Topic-based Test’. Along with ‘Concise Notes’ to help students master the course content and prepare for the HKDSE exam.

This exercise book contains many questions based on course content and easily confused concepts that are often asked in public examinations. It is written in a step-by-step format to help students master the concepts of individual units and build basic knowledge, engage them in integrating the
content of the whole curriculum. To cater for the diverging needs of different students, the more challenging parts are marked with 🌶️symbols.

  • Multiple-choice Questions, Practice Questions

    Questions are unit-based, and the scope is narrowed for students to
    grasp the concepts and knowledge easily.

  • General Exercise

    Questions are topic-based, including multiple-choice and structured questions, for students to have advanced practice.

  • Cross-topic Exercise

    Questions are cross-topic; students require to use concepts and
    knowledge from different topics to deepen the understanding of each topic.

  • Topic-based Test

    An exam paper format and must be completed within a specified time, for students to be familiar with the exam format and improve time allocation abilities.

Concise Notes’ includes: Key Concepts, Concept Maps, and Summary ― Organise the important ideas clearly for students to remember and consolidate knowledge easily.

Exam Tips ―Highlight the techniques for tackling the exam questions easily.

Worked Examples ―Set the examples according to important concepts and knowledge tested in past HKDSE exams with the mark allocation standard follows the public exam. Remarks that follow analyse the way of thinking when tackling the questions, strengthening the problem-solving skills of students.

Solution Guides―Separate solution guide booklets with detailed explanations and marks allocation to the questions are attached to General Exercise Book and Topic-based Test.


In response to the HKDSE Chemistry Curriculum Guide in 2018, which mainly focused on the experiments used, a new textbook ‘Mastering Chemistry’ launched in 2019, and several years of the HKDSE mock exams, we launch the HKDSE Chemistry 5-in-1 General Exercise Book (2nd Edition) in2023 to keep up with the latest public examination trends:

  • Update exercises and solutions
  • Update ‘Exam Tips’
  • Update ‘Key Concepts’, ‘Summary’ and ‘Worked Examples’

5-in-1 General Exercise Book (2nd Edition) (2023 Ed.)