Mastering Chemistry

The Mastering Chemistry series has a total of 15 textbooks, which is written in accordance with the Chemistry Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4–6) updated in 2018. The series is suitable for students from Secondary 4–6, especially for those sitting the HKDSE examination. The content of the series is cohesive, comprehensive and concise, written using simple language, aiming to cultivate students with critical thinking, communication and problem-solving abilities, and then master the required chemical knowledge and skills.

Author: Ms. L.H.M. Chung

The author of Jing Kung chemistry textbooks ‘New 21st Century Chemistry’, ‘Mastering Chemistry’ and ‘HKDSE Chemistry 5-in-1 General Exercise Book’ series. She has been writing the chemistry mock examination questions for Jing Kung for more than ten years. She is very familiar with the chemistry curriculum of high school and the HKDSE exam.

Mastering the knowledge, concepts and skills

  • In each topic opener, ‘Questions’ tests students with short questions before they start a new topic. ‘All the maths you need’ highlights the mathematics involved.
  • Example’ illustrates some common questions tackled with the chemical knowledge, concepts and calculating techniques learned.
  • Practice’, ‘Unit Exercise’ and ‘Topic exercise’ are consists of different types of questions, including fill in the blank questions of concept map (that can highlight the key points of each unit), past local and overseas public examination questions and so on, with rated difficulty, from those testing concepts and skills to those provoking thoughts as well as requiring communication skills. To cater for the needs of different students, the more challenging parts are marked with 👍 symbols.
  • Chemistry Lens’ engages students in deeper learning and thinking of more advanced knowledge relating to chemistry topic.

Connecting chemistry and society

  • Topic opener’ leads students to each new topic and understand the relationship between a real-world context and the topic.
  • Chemistry in Action’ is about chemistry-related social issues, encourages students to integrate what they have learned into daily lives.
  • Science and Technology for Life’ demonstrates examples of daily lives that made use of chemistry, encourages students understand issues showing interconnections among science, technology, society and environment (STSE).

Participating in classroom activities

  • Discussion’ raises relevant issues or open-ended questions for students to exchange ideas and discuss questions from a scientific point of view.
  • Problem Solving’ challenges students to use chemical knowledge to solve relevant problems and apply what they have learned.
  • Decision Making’ poses a specific case for students to tackle chemistry related social issues, so that they are trained solving problems independently.

Promoting advanced learning

  • Find & Share’ arouses students’ interests in learning chemistry by searching, analysing, reorganising and presenting information independently retrieved from the Internet or a library.

Mastering Chemistry


In order to cater for the new trends of teaching and learning, Jing Kung specially provides customers with diversified learning packages:

Core teaching

  • Teacher’s editions of the textbook and activity book
  • Teachers’ Resources Book / Drive / Site

Active learning

  • Activity Book
  • Jing Kung Chemistry Website(link
  • HKDSE Chemistry:5-in-1 General Exercise Book(Second

Major evaluation

  • Question Bank