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Mastering Chemistry 3A (2019 Ed.)

Mastering Chemistry 3A (2019 Ed.)

ISBN/Barcode: 9789882176683
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Author : L.H.M. Chung

The mastering Chemistry series is specially written in accordance with the Chemistry Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6) updated in 2018 for students sitting the HKDSE examination, aiming to both provide students with an updated textbook series and help them master the necessary knowledge and skills, including communication, critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Focus is put on delivering essential information, but engaging students in higher-level thinking, as exemplified in ‘Chemistry Lens’, is not left out.
  • ‘All the maths you need’ in each topic opener highlights the mathematics with which students should be equipped. Also, ‘Example’ and ‘Exercise’ help students strengthen their ability in calculations. Questions in ‘Practice’ have been specially designed. A unit-end learning ‘Checklist’ allows them to quickly check what they should be able to do.
  • ‘Questions’ in each topic opener quickly tests students with a few short review questions before they start a new topic.
  • ‘Topic Opener’, ’Chemistry in Action’ and ‘Science and Technology for Life’ vividly help students find connections of various subjects to Science, Technology, society, and environment.
  • The content of the series is cohesive, comprehensive, and concise, written using simple language. Real-life examples and STSE (science, technology, society, and environment) issues included make the study of chemistry exciting and relevant.
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