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Magic School Bus Phonics Fun Box Set - 12 Books (with 1 CD)

Magic School Bus Phonics Fun Box Set - 12 Books (with 1 CD)

ISBN/Barcode: 9785717701098
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Author: Dav Pilkey · David Walliams

The best-selling and most awarded Magic School Bus series in the United States, children over 3 years old can read it! This set of introductory books for popular science reading is infused with elements of natural phonics, and leads children into the vast field of science in a novel, lively, interesting and easy-to-understand form. Through these 12 stories adapted from popular American science cartoons , Learn about animal hibernation, how blood flows, garbage collection... all aspects of scientific common sense.

And for the children who are still reviewing the spelling of letters, there are two kinds of reading in the matching CD, fast and slow, so that children with different levels can borrow the content of the book and match different speeds to practice spelling short vowels and long vowels. Vowels and other spelling rules.

Titles in this collection:

1. Takes a Nap
2. Falls from the Nest
3. Sticks to It
4. Drops the Trash
5. Pumps It Up
6. Makes Flakes
7. Falls with the Leaves
8.Rides the Wind
9. Gets So Cold
10. Flies to the Moon
11.Ships Out
12. Loses a Tooth

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